Financial Investments

Al Sondos has been participating actively in the Financial Markets, local as well as international, to support the diversified investment portfolio of it’s group concerns.

We have been participating in the derivative instruments like Interest Rate Swaps (IRS), Callable Range Accrual Notes and Currency Swaps Etc.,

The inflow generated out of this arm was a good support to mitigate the group’s interest exposure with local banks.

Apart from this, Investment Division our Al Sondos has been participating actively in the IPO’s (Introductory Public Offers) floated in UAE Financial Markets sizably in the past to make use of decent allotments for major bidders and fly out with successful short term gains.

Besides, vast choices of investing in shares and Bonds of Blue Chip companies locally as well as internationally has been preferred.

By Overall, Al Sondos has an edge over other players in the market by making most of its reserves in a profitable way.