Al Nashet General Maintenance

Being an active player in the Real Estate Leasing sector, Al Sondos has built up its own team of maintenance – Al Nashet General Maintenance since the beginning.

By introducing the Loyalty Programs, most of our ventures are having high occupancy compared to other players in this leasing industry.

Al Nashet General Maintenance team, not only take care of our own buildings, it also supports its inmates by taking care of their personal requirements viz. their pets, in-house plants etc.,

Except some specialized areas like Lift Maintenance, Fire Fighting Systems and Pest Control activities, Al Nashet General Maintenance has a full fledged maintenance team which operates in two segments like Preventive Maintenance and On Call Maintenance.

We believe in the famous adage of ‘Stitch in Time, Saves Nine’. Our preventive maintenance Engineers has kept well planned programs for their regular maintenance by which there will be minimum On-call maintenance requirements.

Besides this our maintenance team is supported with a ‘Full Fledged Stores’ to reduce the ‘overall turn-around time’ in attending our inmate’s requirements.