Agriculture / Farming

Our Company has chosen Agro Industry as one of it’s future potential growth sector which apart from it’s diversity in nature from the main core activities of this group so far, has it’s own reasons to support the Group Business activities.

Over the years, horticulture has emerged as one of the potential agricultural enterprise in accelerating the growth of any economy in the world.

Besides it’s role in the country’s nutritional security, poverty alleviation and employment generation programs is becoming increasingly important.

As there is a great scope for the horticulture industry to grow and flourish, Al Sondos has been in the process of setting up basic infrastructure facilities both at Morocco in West Africa and in the Indian Sub-continent.

Our group is planning to cover fruits, vegetables, potato, tropical tuber crops, mushroom, floriculture, medicinal & aromatic plants, plantation crops and spices.

As Horticulture is highly remunerative for replacing subsistence farming in varied agro ecosystems like rain fed, dry land, hilly, arid and coastal areas, our group has poised to tap such kind of opportunities available in countries like Morocco and India.

Since Horticulture produce higher biomass than field crops per unit area, it has high potential for value addition and foreign exchange earning.

Further to the opportunities emanates from Green Morocco Plan, Al Sondos is in the process of grapping the chances of leasing land and infrastructural investments.

Due to the recent focus by Morocco Govt in Production expansion and logistical improvements, there are increasing flow of exports of horticulture products from Morocco to EU, US and Russia. The latest statistics of 2012 shows that the export value have already crossed USD 200 Million.

Al Sondos has planned to achieve a minimum target of 10% of the market share.