Code of Business Ethics


A. Integrity
Integrity and honesty are our core values in all our business processes and interactions. We act in integrity and honesty in all our relations with the employees and stakeholders.

B. Confidentiality
Private and confidential information that might lead to a competitive disadvantage of Al Sondos Holding as a Group of Companies, including total confidentiality of Investors and Customers Lawful Business information and activities.
We, at Al Sondos Holding, give the upmost importance to protecting that privacy.

C. Conflict of Interest
Al Sondos Holding employees take a professional responsibility to avoid situations and relationships that involve conflict of interest. We never use present positions to obtain any benefits personally or through families and relatives. and we refrain from using the name and power of Al Sondos Holding to gain personal benefit.

D. Our Responsibilities
In addition to our legal responsibilities, we give utmost importance to fulfil the following responsibilities vis-a-vis our customers, employees, stakeholders, suppliers and business partners, competitors, the community, humanity, and to the name of Al Sondos.

1. Our Legal Responsibilities
We execute all our domestic and international activities and procedures within the framework of the laws of United Arab Emirates , and we submit all required information to the Real Estate Regulatory Authorities (RERA) and institutions in a correct, complete, clear and timely manner.

2. Our Responsibilities Towards Our Customers
We adopt an approach which is focused on customer satisfaction and proactive in responding to customers` needs and demands in an appropriate and timely manner. We deliver our services on time and under the promised conditions; we approach our customers with respect, honesty, transparency, and courtesy.

We dedicate prime importance to the continuity of Al Sondos Holding and in line with our goal to create value for our partners. We avoid taking unnecessary or unmanageable risks and we strive to ensure sustainable profitability to the company and our investors.. resources.

3. Our Responsibilities Towards Our Suppliers and Business Partners
We act respectfully and fairly as expected from our customers and ensure to fulfil our liabilities on time. We carefully protect the confidential information pertaining to the persons, the organizations and to our business partners.

4. Our Responsibilities Towards Our Competitors
We compete effectively and only in areas that are legal and ethical and avoid at all time unfair competition.

5. Our Responsibilities Towards the Community, Society and Humanity
Preservation of democracy, human rights, and conservation of the environment; education and charity activities, eradication of crimes and corruption is of utmost importance to us. We pioneer in social affairs with an awareness of good citizenship and responsiveness; we try to play a role in services and activities for the benefit of the society and public. We act in a responsive and sensitive manner in U.A.E. and towards the customs and culture of those countries where we undertake international projects.

6. Our Responsibilities Concerning the Name “AL SONDOS”
Our business partners and customers trust us due to our professional competence and integrity. We strive to keep our reputation at the highest level.

We offer our services within the framework of company policies, professional standards, commitments and ethical codes. We ensure to fulfil our liabilities.

We offer services in areas where we believe we are professionally competent. We seek to work with customers, business partners, and employees to demonstrate integrity and legitimacy. We do not collaborate with those impairing social ethics which damage the environment or public health.


Al Sondos Holding Companies conduct business in international markets and therefore, company operations may be subject to laws and regulations of different countries. If faced with uncertainty and hesitation concerning ethics of doing business in different countries, initially the established regulations in the country of operation should be complied with. If complying with the regulations in the country and/or countries of operation shall have adverse consequences concerning the ethical values adopted by the Al Sondos Holding Companies, then we should seek solutions within our existing code of ethics and procedures.


To protect our investors and customers, violation of the Code of Business Ethics and/or Company Policies and Procedures may result to disciplinary action.

Ethics Board
The Ethics Board has the responsibility to investigate and resolve all complaints and notifications concerning violation of the Code of Ethics of Al Sondos Holding Companies (ASG-ETHICS) and related policies. The Ethics Board reports directly to the Chairman of the Holding Company.

For questions or to raise any concerns regarding possible violations, you may directly contact the Ethics Board through the following e-mail, mail addresses and/or telephone:

Al Sondos Holding L.L.C
P.O.Box #5050, Dubai, U.A.E.
Tel +971 (04) 452 7888
Fax: +971 (04) 450 8703
Email: info[@]