Priority Real Estate

Priority Real Estate is established in 2005 as the Real Estate Brokerage wing of Al Sondos Holding L.L.C. to handle third party real estate transactions in Dubai, U.A.E.

With all types and sizes of properties available, and experienced personnel handling all property related transactions, Priority Real Estate has got client’s real estate needs in Dubai covered. The company’s qualified and dedicated team boasts over fifty years of combined experience, and regularly goes the extra mile when it comes to customer service.

With the involvement and thorough understanding of property in Dubai and U.A.E. property markets, Priority Real Estate can offer clients unparalleled service and sound advice when making property investment.

With the multitude of choices in terms of the ranges of properties available, and the different price levels, it is critical for an investor to determine how to invest funds in a way that is consistent with either long-term and/or short term strategies. Data from various property developments are used to generate a portfolio optimization that maximizes the investor’s return, be it short-term profit, or long-term property appreciation and cash flow.
The team of lawyers, legal advisors and operations managers can create all collateral and legal document formats (booking forms, Sales and Purchase Agreements, Invoice forms, Receipt forms, Notice forms, Home Owners Associations Welcome Packs etc) required for the project pre-sale, sale and after-sale phases. In addition to that, the team will be more than happy to assist in registering properties in Government Entity systems (OQOOD, EJARI, MOLLAK).
Priority Real Estate can completely handle the entire sales process, which is conducted by our own property consultants, client managers and specifically appointed network of reputable real estate agents. Combined expertise of the executive team allows Priority Real Estate to manage the property sales teams internally as well as for outside partners and clients. The in-house team includes trained client managers, sales specialists, mortgage advisers and call center operators.
Priority Real Estate is equipped with custom made Property & Real Estate Management Information System (PREMIS), the combination of PRM, CRM, ERP, HRM and AMS. The system can be used in all phases of the property sales life cycle – from the pre-sale period up to the resident relationship management (property management system combined). The Finance Department handles all account receivables and assists Real Estate Department in collecting all due payments (booking deposits, security deposits, scheduled payments, fines etc) from client on respective dates.
In-house marketing team formulates the marketing strategy that is based on its preliminary market research and its continued analysis of the marketplace during the construction period and on-site sales efforts. Key to the effort is to define strategy that is based not merely on pricing competition, but rather creating the proper image of the project.
Priority Real Estate Consulting helps real estate investors by providing advice on the various alternatives available and the multitude of selling or financing means that are available.
Priority Real Estate is fully equipped to provide clients will all kinds of properties, matching all kinds of budgets and expectations. If a client has purchased a property and looking for a tenant or place to stay, Priority Real Estate is able to provide assistance. With a full time dedicated team available throughout the day, Priority Real Estate is able to locate and negotiate on behalf of the client the ideal property required.
With an extensive database of investors and purchasers alike and an international network, within minutes of registering a property with Priority Real Estate, potential buyers around the world are able to view them thereby ensuring a sale at the earliest.